Matt Valley

Software Developer
Javascript (React, Node.js)

Hi there!
My name is Matt Valley. I'm a software developer based in Sydney.
It’s nice to meet you.

  • Read this before using dangerouslySetInnerHTML

    dangerouslySetInnerHTML is one of those feature in React that you should know about it but aim to not use it in a daily basis. In this tutorial, I will bring your attention to one tricky bug that I have faced while building my website using Gatsby.js

  • React.js: Maximise reusability of callback props with this simple technique

    Callback Prop is the term I use to refer to a special type of prop that meant to be invoked when something happens inside a child component. In this post, I will go through callback props in more details and what should be passed to them.

  • How fugitive.vim improved the Code Review experience for me

    I’m using Github to host my projects and it comes with a decent interface for code reviews. However, the interface never became the ideal tool for me. It simply doesn’t offer what I need to do proper code reviews for my colleagues. In this post, I will go through what I need and how I use fugitive.vim to do the code reviews.

  • Help contributors to contribute

    Or better yet: Why you’re not getting enough contributions for your open-source project. Anyway, the title doesn’t matter, what matters most is why some good open source projects receive fewer contributions than the others.